Grace Network is a network of churches, pastors and ministry leaders that have pooled their resources so that the experience, theological training and practical teaching they enjoy together can be available to both current and next-generation leaders.

Through our combined resources, we are able to equip, assist and strengthen one another and provide opportunities for fellowship and accountability, while still recognizing the autonomy of each local church.

Because we are committed to the unity of all true believers, we also value our relationship with Ground Level (U.K.) and The Christian Network (South Africa); furthering God’s Kingdom through increased global awareness, shared resources, and a mutual passion to strengthen the Body of Christ and extend the local church. Regional and international network events with dynamic worship, practical teaching and a strong commitment to next-generation leaders provide venues for multi-generational, multi-cultural ministry.

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Grace Network churches benefit one another from relationships, accountability, and also from the opportunities we provide for equipping and supporting pastors, church leaders, and their spouses.  And – there is the benefit of being a part of something larger than just our local churches.  This is why we come together and what we’re all about.



What is an IMPACT Weekend?  When Jesus called His disciples, He issued a simple command:  “Follow Me.”  The disciples had no idea what would happen to them and then what God planned to do through them.  They may have been attracted to Christ’s initial popularity or the power and success of His ministry.  They may have gotten swept up by messianic expectation.  What they couldn’t have imagined was that Jesus was determined to make them just like Himself.  The spread of Christ’s Kingdom would depend on them.  How does Jesus transform a life such that one feels honored to lay it down for something far greater?

In every generation, the Living God steps into lives and places an undeniable Call on a person.   READ MORE…

Our Mission

Impacting the world for the Kingdom of God through
building a network of strong churches.